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Role in the organization: 
CEO and co Founder
What are your domain(s) of expertise?: 
30 years involved in agribusiness and investment in emerging markets
What is your relationship with e-agriculture?: 
I have worked in the agribusiness sector for over 30 years. I am the co-founder of AGRIinsight as well as the agribusiness advisory company Prorustica. I have been influential in the development of innovative programmes that support and encourage new agribusiness investments in emerging markets. I worked at Rabobank and set up the global agri-project finance team in S.E. Asia. Managing a diverse team we developed a USD 250 million portfolio of agribusiness investments including an innovative public private partnership in Vietnam for a large global sugar company linked to over 100,000 smallholder farming families. I set up Prorustica in 2003 leading the way on the design and development of agribusiness PPPs. This has included the development and implementation of Agricultural Investment Blueprints that outline a way to develop and implement Agricultural Growth Corridors in sub Saharan Africa. I have acted as advisor to private sector agribusiness companies in their development of new commercially focused agricultural development programmes. My work in agricultural finance includes the design of new catalytic funds and pension/life insurance facilities that support private investment and smallholder development. I am currently working on the development of the online web-based platform - AGRIinsight. I see the new technology that is now available as providing a cost effective way for agribusinesses and their supply chains to connect, collaborate and invest.