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February 2016 | e-Agriculture Newsletter

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In this issue:

  • A new year: looking back and forward
  • e-Agriculture survey 2015, the outcomes
  • How to engage more fully in the e-Agriculture Community of Practice
  • E-agriculture Strategy Guide: latest developments
  • World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): update
  • Upcoming events


A new year: looking back and forward

2015 has been another successful year for the e-Agriculture Community of Practice: since its launch in 2007, the Community has grown steadily and by the end of 2015, e-Agriculture had reached 13 390 registered members! Many people consider our platform www.e-Agriculture.org as a reliable source of information for ICT4Ag, and the statistics seem to confirm this: in 2015 we registered 256 627 pageviews (an average of 703 pageviews/day) and 138 949 sessions (an average of 380 sessions/day).

In 2015, two new pages were created to respond to emerging trends: one on the topic of e-agriculture strategies and one on e-learning.  The e-learning page brings together a wide variety of freely available online modules on topics related to agriculture and ICT for agriculture.E-Agriculture continues to grow on social media, increasing its number of Twitter (@e_agriculture) followers by 35 percent over the past year, making a total of 31 812. Next in line is our Facebook page, with 7 292 likes and our Linkedin group with 7 093 members.

e-Agriculture survey 2015, the outcomes

In April 2015, the e-Agriculture team launched a survey on the e-Agriculture Community of Practice. The team promoted the survey through the website, newsletter and social media, reaching individuals who are registered members of the Community, and also those who follow it, either through the website itself, or through social media. We received a total of 595 responses (406 in English, 132 in Spanish and 57 in French). Many of the respondents confirmed their interest in the newsletter and would like to receive it even more frequently.

We discovered that a number of people following e-Agriculture have never registered as a member. Registering is simple and free. It enables you to participate more actively in the Community. To register, click here

You can download the full survey here

How to engage more fully in the e-Agriculture Community of Practice

Many people participating in the survey indicated that they would like to engage more fully in the Community. Are you interested in doing so? All our members can post content (news, events or knowledge-based items), become a blogger, post comments on articles, participate in fora and connect with other members through private messages on our platform. Not sure how to do this? E-Agriculture has recently added a HELP section to the website explaining the process step-by-step. 

Would you like to engage in a more systematic way? Become a volunteer! Contact us at info@e-agriculture.org

E-agriculture Strategy Guide: latest developments

Bhutan and Sri Lanka are at an advanced stage in developing their national e-agriculture strategies. Projects are in the pipeline for Albania, Armenia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Vanuatu. Many countries are finding a growing need to develop and implement an e-Agriculture strategy, and showing increasing interest in doing so.  All updates are made available on the dedicated page. Check the page regularly to make sure you stay informed!

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS): update

The General Assembly High-level Meeting on the overall review of implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society took place on 15-16 December 2015 at the UN Headquarters in New York. This meeting offered an opportunity for in-depth discussions on important issues in the implementation of WSIS outcomes, including progress, gaps and challenges, as well as areas for future action. The General Assembly adopted the WSIS+10 Outcome document. You can download it here.  

The WSIS Forum 2016 will take place from 2 to 6 May in Geneva, Switzerland. Ahead of the forum, consultations and meetings will be organized. This year, like previous years, ICT projects in different categories are competing for the WSIS Prize 2016. Nominated projects will be announced in early February and you can cast your vote for your favourite ones!  Read more here

New ICTUpdate on The Power of Online Communities

Now online! 

Upcoming events


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