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Vodacom partners with Nigeria's Kaduna State over ICT development project

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Vodacom is leading a three-part ICT development initiative in Kaduna State in Nigeria focused on education, health and agriculture. Kaduna State and Nigeria are only a part of wider plan of similar initiatives throughout the whole of Africa. Similar initiatives have already started in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, and other countries will be reached during 2017.

Photo Credits: Premium Times

The first part of the project is centered on education and will be implemented in 4 000 schools across Kaduna State by June 2017. It is a solution that allows the State to monitor feeding programmes mobile phone and tablets to ensure that pupils receive quality meals.

The second part of the project is 'SMS for Life 2.0': a mobile solutions which aims to improve the delivery of healthcare for citizens and increase the availability of essential medication by monitoring drug stock levels. Until now, 255 primary healthcare facilities use the platform. The initiative will then be implemented in all of Nigeria's 36 states.

The third part of the project is "Connected farmer" a cloud-based web and mobile portal to be used for registering and profiling smallholder farmers. The purpose of this platform is to link them to financial institutions, agribusinesses, information, services and markets, in order to help them increase their productivity.

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