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Video better than Radio in delivering practical messages to farmers

Isabella Rodriguez y Baena's picture
Although there are many successful stories about Radio as a powerful means for agricultural development (especially when ‘integrated’ with mobile technology), the experience of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) in Cheptais, Bungoma County, Western Kenya, seems to suggest that videos are more effective than radio in delivering messages to farmers.

As reported in an article by Dennis Mbuvi from CIO East Africa, published on November 7th 2013, when the project started, in 2011, groups of farmers (growing mainly onions and tomatoes) were offered to listen to radio shows about best methods and practices; the project then ‘evolved’ and the farmers were offered to watch agricultural videos instead.

Surprisingly, the number of farmers attending the meetings exponentially grew, jumping from 20-50 to 100-200, resulting in a ten-fold growth of the group (from 60 to 800 members). “More farmers were interested in video, which they found not to be as abstract as radio”, stated Gerishom Boiyo, ICT officer at the ACK Western Region Christian Community Services. As a matter of fact, practical indications do not always come across clearly on the wireless: for instance, farmers find it easier to actually ‘see’ how to space crops rather than listening to instructions like “space crops by about 2 inches”.

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