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TIGO Rwanda launches the ‘TIGO payment solution for agriculture’ to improve farmers’ lives

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Tigo Rwanda has officially launched the ‘Tigo Payment Solution for Agriculture’ platform that has increased the financial and digital inclusion of over 10,000 tea farmers in two tea plantations located in Mulindi and Rusizi District. The Tigo Payment Solution for Agriculture was created to provide mobile solutions for the agricultural sector in order to improve the communication and payment streams for local farmers. The platform, created in partnership with Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR), the Wood Foundation, TRAC Fund and local area Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisations (SACCOs), has improved the lives of the farmers working at the Mulindi and Shagasha tea factories in Gicumbi and Rusizi District respectively.

How the Tigo Payment Solution for Agriculture works

When the Mulindi and Shagasha tea factories pay the farmers’ salaries in their Sacco accounts, due to the technical integration between Sacco banking platform and Tigo Cash platform, the farmers are able to receive their monies on their TigoCash wallets on their handsets. After an SMS notification is sent to a farmer’s handsets informing them that money has reached their Sacco account, they can then go to their local Tigo Cash agent and receive their payment. With this platform, farmers no longer need to travel to their local Saccos and queue in line to receive their payment.

Explaining how the platform has changed her life, Evangeline Bikorimana, a tea farmer from Gicumbi District, said; “Before Tigo launched this platform, we would wake up extremely early to head to our local Sacco. In fact, we would sometimes sleep in our clothes so that we could leave our homes before daybreak so that we could arrive at the Sacco before others. However, despite our best efforts, we would usually find a huge number of farmers waiting to receive their salaries. We would often have to go home and return the next day. Today that is no longer the case and it’s because of Tigo.”

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