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Sri Lanka develops E-Agriculture Strategy

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Read the article from The Nation on this weeks workshop.

"The Department of Agriculture (DoA) together with the Ministry of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure, the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is developing the E-agriculture Strategy for Sri Lanka, based on the framework developed by the FAO and ITU.

A week-long-validation workshop began in Kandy on November 29, and will go till December 4. The importance of the programme in Sri Lanka has already made efforts on it while most countries are yet to adopt a strategic approach in making the best use of ICT developments in agriculture.

“Many challenges still remain that impedes the deployment of appropriate ICT for agriculture development at a large scale. The lack of appropriate national strategies, weak collaboration between stakeholders, lack of institutional support, weak regulatory frameworks, lack of interoperability agreed-upon standards, and lack of clarity about sustainable business models are a few examples of challenges that need to be addressed in a comprehensive manner, if a country has to leverage the best outcomes from emerging and innovative technologies,” said an official from the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN Sri Lanka office."

Read more about E-Agriculture Strategies on our dedicated webpage.



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Sri Lanka

Nowadays Sri Lankan government is collecting farmers details to create a database of farmers. They are using Fertilizer Subsidy Application Form as the source of information for this data. I think this is a good start.