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Second week of the e-Agriculture online forum on ICTs for Resilience

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We are halfway through our online discussion on the use of ICTs for Resilience! We have collected about 45 contributions. The discussion will continue until 13 December so we are looking forward to read more! So far we have opened up the first four questions and we will open the fifth and last question on Friday, dece,ber 9th. All questions remain opened until the end of the forum so you can go back and forth between the questions. 

The forum can be accessed through the following link: http://www.e-agriculture.org/forums/forum-archive/forum-icts-resilience 

You will find the questions at the bottom of the page and you can click on them to post your comment. 

Don't forget to register (http://www.e-agriculture.org/user/register) and login before you access the forum. You need to login in order to be able to share a comment. 

Below you will find some quotes from the discussion and the different questions. We are looking forward to read your contributions and as usual - do not hesitate to contact us directly on info@e-agriculture.org if you have any questions!


a. What is resilience and how can ICTs help resilience programmes or projects? (Open)

b. Do you have concrete examples of successful use of ICTs in resilience? (Open)

c. What are the specific constraints you have faced in the use of ICTs for resilience? (Open)

d. How should the use of ICTs best be integrated in resilience programmes or projects? (Open)

e. What are the recommendations you would have to decision makers for the use of ICTs in resilience? (NGOs, civil society and governments) (December 9th)


Which resilience do we want for farmers? Is it the stability of continuity and recovery in the face of short-term shocks? Or is it the change of adaptation and even transformation in the face of longer-term trends? (Richard Heeks -Centre for Development Informatics- UK)

Technology in itself neither creates or solves any human problem, it is how we use the technology that matters. Technology should be designed for the human and not the other way around. (Sharbendu Banerjee - CABI - India)

To enable authentic resilience, or the ability of a community to drive its own resilient behavior, we need local communities, institutions, and individuals  to have the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure to use and deploy solutions (ICTs and other) on their own terms. (Raquel Firestone – World Bank – USA)

Within the ICT4Ag space there is a clear trend away from individual 'apps' and towards bundling multiple ICT functionalities; digital finance, surveillance, marketing, agri extension and supply chain management onto the same platform(s). There is a need to bundle ICT4Ag functionalities to achieve economies of scale and enhance the benefits to farmers and other stakeholders.  Lets call this ICT4Ag Version 2.0. (Lee H. Babcock – LHB Associates – USA)