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Private Sector Initiative: Database of actions on adaptation - Climate Change

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Submitted by fmartin on Wed, 01/02/2012 - 09:47

Private Sector Initiative: new database of actions on adaption launched by climate change agency at Davos 

A new online database of case studies has been developed under the Private Sector Initiative (PSI) of the Nairobi work programme, and  features good practices and profitable climate change adaptation activities being undertaken by private companies (sometimes in partnership with NGOs or the public sector) from a wide range of regions and sectors, including agriculture
The software industry giant (MICROSOFT) share their case on facilitating access to relevant environmental journals in 107 developing countries through Research4Life. Also, in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, Microsoft's Eye On Earth delivers real-time environmental data to all users to monitor the progress of adaptation programmes. The company is looking to build all of this data into a single "cloud based" storage facility, making it fully transparent and accessible to all.
"By showcasing private sector adaptation success stories, we intend to help both communities and businesses become more climate-resilient and to put the benefits and business sense of adaptation firmly on the agenda of the private sector," said Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Chief.  "Climate risks which affect communities around the world are always also business risks" she added.