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Plantix lets farmers recognize plant diseases, pests and nutrient diffidences just by sending a picture

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Plantix is a plant diagnostic app developed by PEAT, a software company that uses geodata and crowdsourcing to provide ecological informations to farmers, researchers and stakeholders. 

Plant diseases and pests cause the loss of up to 30 % of the annual harvests. To tackle this issue Plantix uses artificial intelligence and image recognition to help farmers to protect their plants. Plantix supports farmers to recognize plant diseases, pests and nutrient diffidences just by sending a picture.

Plantix uses image recognition and deep learning to detect more than 120 plant pests & diseases on 30 crops worldwide. The user gets an individual diagnosis and customized options for disease combat automatically after sending the picture. 

Watch this introductory video on Plantix:

Credits: Plantix

With each picture sent Plantix continues to grow as its database and diagnosis are built on the farmers' pictures. This library is also available offline. The app also lets users choose between conventional and alternative options for treatment, as well as best practices and preventive measures.

Plantix also collects metadata on spatial distribution of cultivated crops and plant diseases. By doing so, Plantix aims to find the correlations between plant diseases and geography by the intersecting the information available. These plant diseases' maps can help institutions and policy makers for targeted policy intervention. The app also includes Push-Messages that can be used by farmers to communicate directly between them.

Plantix is free of charge for smallholders and partner organizations. Download Plantix on Google Play

Source: Plantix