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Philippine Agriculture Department boosts transparency with open data portal

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As support to President Aquino’s call for transparency, the Department of Agriculture launched its open data portal called DAAN (Department of Agriculture Accountability Network) website which aims to promote public awareness of its community-focused projects and activities nationwide.

The portal provides a library of the agency’s on-going and completed projects nationwide. It also details their fund allocations and cumulative disbursements, completion period, percentage of accomplishment and other relevant data, including regularly updated photos, which were provided by the attached agencies, corporations and regional field units of the Department of Agriculture.

In addition, as part of its efforts to enhance the portal, the agency has also started mapping the projects through GPS.

Mapped projects include farm to market roads, irrigation, post-harvest facilities, production support facilities, market related infrastructure, post-harvest equipment and machines as well as other major projects nationwide.

Furthermore, users are encouraged to post their comments on the projects so as to help the agency improve its project management activities.

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