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Open Innovation Challenge: Implementing a Sustainable ‘African Youth (especially women) Entrepreneurship Online Portal’

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The Youth for Africa and SDGs YAS! Portal is an online portal created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to support the development and growth of youth entrepreneurship in Africa. The portal aims to help entrepreneurs by providing them advice on enterprise development, serve as an African hub for support services concerning African youth entrepreneurship and run challenges and award financing to youth to develop SDG related business ideas.

Credits: UNDP

UNDP is seeking advice and help through an online challenge to develop the online portal and keeping it sustainable. The challenge is open to anyone having already implemented an online portal that was kept relevant in the long run. The proposals must have an operational and financial sustainability model and business plan for implementing YAS! over a 5-year period.

UNDP will grant up to US$160,000 to the winning innovator for the implementation of YAS!.

How to Apply

  • Download the Terms of Reference
  • Develop your operational and financial sustainability plan
  • Submit your operational and financial sustainability plan to this email address by no later than 23:59hrs EAT, 31 May 2017

Source: UNDP