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Next week - Online course on Human-Centered Design by IDEO.org

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On the 12th of September, two free courses on Human-centered Design will start hosted by IDEO.org. This is a great opportunity to learn from IDEO.org how to use human-centered design for social innovation. The courses have an intensive programme to enable the participants to really understand what human-centered design is about and how to apply it to overcome challenges and find innovative solutions. Both courses are free. Students are encouraged to form their own teams to work through the content. 

You can enroll using the following links.

1. Introduction to human-centered design - 4 weeks - http://www.plusacumen.org/courses/introduction-human-centered-design 

2. Human-centered design 201 - prototyping - 4 weeks - http://www.plusacumen.org/courses/prototyping 

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