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Next Sustainable Development Goals: the challenge before the digital era

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Ms Sharon Brennen-Haylock, the Director of FAO's Liaison Office in New York spoke at the 15th Infopoverty World Conference that took place in New York from the 9 to the 10th of April 2015 on the topic “Next Sustainable Development Goals: the challenge before the digital era”.

She talked about the critical role of e-Agriculture and ICTs in food security, rural development and the eradication of poverty. In her speech she highlighted the importance of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice: 

"There is a robust E-agriculture community, facilitated by FAO that was launched in 2007 with 14 founding partners.  It now has more than 12 200 registered members, from 170 countries and territories.  Full use of all types of media is made to promote the work of E-agriculture, including social media, where we have 24 online forums, in collaboration with 60 Forum Partners. The e-Agriculture community of practice was the winner of WSIS Project Prize 2012."

You can read the full speech through this link: http://www.fao.org/lon/lon-statements/detail/en/c/283103/