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Mobile Phones & Literacy: Empowerment in Women’s Hands

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Human development is a basis for international efforts aiming to improve the well-being of individuals as active participants and beneficiaries of just and equal societies. The empowerment of women and girls implies the process of enlarging their capability to choose a better livelihood within a wide range of opportunities. Education, as a public good and a human right, plays a key role in achieving this by increasing women’s voice and participation and their chances of obtaining decent work. As part of this process, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in our societies are increasingly recognized by many as potentially improving the lives of communities and groups including women and girls in disadvantaged contexts. The purpose of the report “Mobile Phones & Literacy: Empowerment in Women’s Hands – A Cross-Analysis of Nine Mobile Experiences” is to understand the extent to which mobile phone technology enhances or develops literacy in ways that empower women and girls. Conceptually, the report is structured taking into consideration three main axes: literacy in its ample meanings and practices; mobile phone technology and mobile learning; the empowerment of women and girls in terms of human development. Mobile phone technology and literacy can potentially lead to varying degrees of empowerment in terms of women’s voice and participation and employment opportunities.