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Looking for a training solution for management and business skills needs in the Agricultural Sector?

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Submitted by Kim Morgan on Wed, 14/08/2013 - 15:48

The Association of African Business Schools Agribusiness Consortium (AAC),  the Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration (GIMPA) and Lagos Business School have launched the Ghana and Nigeria editions of the Agribusiness Management Programme (AgMP).

This ground-breaking programme with an innovative and practical approach rooted in the agribusiness context helps you to develop the skills you need to become an effective Agribusiness Manager and take your organizations growth to the next level.


  • Modules cover the entire Agribusiness Value Chain from Strategy rooted in an approach to provide strategic capabilities and tools and transform knowledge to performance
  • Learn by Doing with Action Learning Projects – real life projects to solve problems or explore opportunities in the sector
  • Engage with leading international and local facilitators in a learner centred approach that features case studies, simulations and group exercises
  • Gain first hand insight from Industry Experts and Guest Speakers on a wide variety of topics
  • Become part of a powerful network of Agri stakeholders across Africa and the world

Company executives and project managers from : Development Organizations/NGOS, Agribusiness Companies, Policymakers/Government Agencies, Entrepreneurs,  Financial Institutions & Value Chain Players
Download applications for Ghana from www.gimpa.edu.gh or www.aagri.net 
Download applications for Nigeria from http://www.lbs.edu.ng/agribusiness-management-programme or www.aagri.net 

View attached flyers for more information.