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Limitations of current approaches to mobile based services in rural agricultural markets

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The enthusiasm for the latest ultimate (mobile) device, revolutionary app, or sms-based market information system seems to imply it's that simple. I only wish it were.

So concludes Ugo Vallauri in his thought provoking new blog for the e-Agriculture Community.

Ugo writes a thoughtful, positive piece on the challenges and limitations of market information systems and text/sms-based mobile services in rural agriculture, based on his observations while conducting research on ICT4D projects in Africa. These insights are an important reminder to all development practitioners.

In a critical point, Ugo notes that “the ICT layer of rural agricultural development … risks to be only marginally relevant if not embedded in a wider vision” for facilitating access to agricultural value chains.

Read Ugo’s blog and give your opinion … are these limitations real? Are they serious? How should they be addressed? (You must be registered and log-in to leave comments.)


For a wider view on this topics, the e-Agriculture Community has carefully considered the role of ICTs in agricultural value chains through two forums and a collection of other materials - see the Key Topic section for more.