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Lets look back - Forum outcomes 2013 - Strengthening e-Agriculture Strategies in ACP Countries

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From 29 April to 11 May 2015 e-Agriculture will organize an online forum on the topic "Towards National E-agriculture Strategies" in collaboaration with FAO, ITU and CTA. Therefore it is usefull to look back at the forum that was held in 2013 in collaboration with CTA on the topic "Strengthening E-agriculture Strategies in APC countries". This forum was organized by CTA in collaboration with the FAO, the World Bank, the East African Farmers’ Federation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (Rwanda), The Ministry of Communication (Ghana), the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), the NEPAD Agency and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA/ISTD).

The discussion will gathered opinions and recommendations from a wide audience of global ICT and agriculture stakeholders and identify additional initiatives and issues that could be discussed. Even though in most ACP countries there are no specific ICT for agriculture strategies, the background report commissioned by CTA, prior to the forum, informs that e-agriculture strategy initiatives have been or are being put in place in a few countries such as Ghana, Mali, Ivory Coast, Rwanda. Moreover, in most ICT policies developed with the support of organizations such as the UNECA, IICD, UNDP etc., there are provisions on sectoral strategies for agriculture. The report also illustrates that there is a lack of understanding or a lack of interest, and different approaches on that issue.

You can access the entire 2013 forum discussion through e-Agricultures forum archive.

Download here the full report on the discussion