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Job creation and digitisation of agriculture: Why digital inclusion matters

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Farmers and end- consumers in India are connected with a long value chain which is characterised by several stakeholders and this distance is increasing because of the poor agricultural marketing and rent seeking behavior of players involved in this chain. Inefficient agricultural marketing is a reflection of poor dissemination of technology in the country. Ability of farmers to reach market is possible through efficient network of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) which increases the farmers bargaining power and provides a chance to interact with trader and government agencies. ICT Development Index (IDI) 2015, published by UN International Telecommunications Union, measures the level of information and communication technology access. It ranked India a low 131 out of 167 nations. This is reflective of the poor access of the population to ICT services. Although India has made tremendous progress in raising its telecom density, the country remains far behind when it comes to providing internet access. The report noted that 43.4% of the global population has access to internet. In contrast, only 18% Indians have access to the internet.

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