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Instant advice on fertilizer dose to farmers: Smartphone app from India

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Submitted by SIVABALAN on Tue, 03/03/2015 - 11:45

Instant advice on fertilizer dose to farmers: Smartphone app from India

MITRA© (meaning as Friend)   has become the latest addition to the smart phone Apps market for Agro information that can provide farmers with advice on exact dose fertilizer for their particular needs. The Mobile Application developed by the K.C.Siva Balan, Researcher from Tamil Nadu, India is under testing and pre launching stage in Tamil Nadu, South India. The App is devised to work in an offline mode, where the farmers need not have any internet connections. The App is available in English and Tamil languages.

The Android based app is designed primarily for farmers who hardly need decision support for agriculture nutrient management especially fertilizers. The extension workers can also use this App for giving site-specific recommendations to farmers on fertilizer dose. The information that the farmers will receive is based on the latest research by Department of Agriculture, Government of Tamil Nadu, India.

The farmers with smart phones can download the MITRA App as open source at free of cost. They could also access and process the information themselves on various topics on nutrient management of important crops. The app is devised with pictures and images to use at ease by farmers who lack in mobile operating skills.  

The app’s developer is looking for revenue models by partnering with agriculture advisory services and online payment service providers to facilitate monetary transaction between different stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

 For further details:

K.C.Siva balan: e-mail: shiv_balan@yahoo.com;  mobile: +91 8903671894; Blog: futureextension.blogspot.in