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ICTs for development: the good intentions of the mobile phone

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The role of the mobile phone in accelerating Africa’s social and economic development was reflectedby the UCT Vice-Chancellor’s Inaugural Lecture, titled “ICTs for development: the good intentions of the mobile phone”. This lecture was delivered by Professor Rivett is the first woman to be appointed as a full professor at her department. While this address was academic, it provides an insight into the history and uptake of technology within the development and in the African context, in various fields.

Some key excepts from the lecture:-

Watch the video for the full lecture,


Video credits: UCT

In this lecture, Prof. Rivett reflects on her research that spans 15 years from the introduction of technology and ICTs in seemingly unrelated fields – such as the health sector, service delivery and the water sector. She has developed technologies that cross the conventional boundaries of knowledge, decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

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