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ICT could become key influencer across agri value chain

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Agriculture and allied sectors in India have been increasingly leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) to transform and improve production and productivity, to address the challenge of feeding the country's teeming millions, the National Association of Software Service Companies (Nasscom), said today.
Increased use of ICT is key to India achieving its real potential in agricultural productivity and raising farm production to feed an additional 310 million people expected by 2030, Nasscom quoted from a joint study by Media Lab Asia's Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA) and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
With rapid improvements in platforms and service delivery, the ICT industry has been emerging as a key platform for service delivery and as a panacea for various problems across sectors, including agriculture and allied sectors. 

ICT has the potential to emerge as the key influencer across the value chain, through education, R&D, productivity, to extension services. It can help mobilise science and technology by linking agricultural specialists to virtual communities and accelerating agricultural research exchanges among different entities.

ICT can bring direct contribution to productivity, empower farmers to make informed and quality decisions, and help develop policies that will have positive impacts on the rural economy and livelihood. It can significantly promote economic conditions of agricultural producers, facilitate community development, drastically improve research and educational development activities, help develop small and medium enterprises, and promote development of media networks.