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G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Declaration acknowledges the importance of ICTs for agriculture

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The G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Declaration 2017 "Towards food and water security: Fostering sustainability, advancing innovation" published after the meeting held on January 22nd 2017 in Berlin, acknowledges the importance of ICTs for agricultural development, following the discussion on ICT in agriculture initiated at the G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting in Xi’an in 2016. 

The Agriculture Ministers acknowledged the potential of ICTs for improved food chain efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agriculture, improved animal husbandry practices and for adaptation and mitigation strategies in the context of climate change. Finally. they acknowledged the ICT’s potential to enhance the quality of life and improve business opportunities in rural and remote areas.

Smallholders are not well integrated into markets due to high transaction and transport costs and lack of consumer information and financial services access. The solution to many of these problems can be obtained by ICT usage in agricultural extension and advisory services, improving market access, climate change adaptation and early warning, food safety, financial inclusion and insurance and risk management.

Read the G20 Declaration here