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Farmerline, the company with the mission to transform farmers into successful entrepreneurs

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Farmerline is a social software company with the mission to transform millions of farmers into successful entrepreneurs. Farmerline connects farmers to markets, finance, weather forecast, new farming tips, inputs dealers and equipment services.
Farmerline has an information service that sends SMS and voice messages on weather forecasts, market prices, new farming techniques, agrochemical applications, and finance directly to the mobile phones of farmers in local languages.
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Through their mobile phones, farmers can also connect to global markets and buy farm inpunts and services. Farmers using Farmerline see more than 50 percent increase in their income.

Farmerline was founded in Ghana and operates now in Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, reaching 200,000 farmers, while Mexico and Peru have shown an interest in the technology, 

“Millennials in Africa give me a lot of hope. My dream is to see a new economic system in Africa not reliant on aid, a forward market where there are fewer people at the bottom of the pyramid. The youth have a major role to play, and I want my work to inspire my generation to take charge and create sustainable businesses from the bottom up.” said Alloysius Attah, co-founder and CEO of Farmerline.

Source: Farmerline