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FAO Podcast: How UAVs offer new perspectives on agriculture

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FAO podcast published two podcasts that focus on what drones have to offer for agriculture. This part of Episode 7 of TARGET: Zero hunger.

The Philippines Drone Pilot program

In this first podcast, details the experience of FAO in using drones to gather detailed land and crop images for disaster preparedness. In this program about 25 FAO and government technical experts were deployed in the country to support drone missions and assess areas where farmlands were at risk from natural disasters.

Click below and listen to the podcast or download transcript

Interview with Brian McCornack- Kansas State University Drone program

In this second podcast, explains the joint project Kansas State University Drone program with the University of Queensland in Australia where they use drones to prevent and control pest outbreaks in wheat fields.

In this interview, Brian explains how drones can be used in pest management, their limitations and how they can be used in maximizing yields. The target is insect pests in wheat (examples of invasive species) and how drones can be used in to detect and evaluate pests’ invasion, and using data to manage this problem.

Listen to the interview by clicking the image below

These podcast can be listened directly from FAO Audio-Video page