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Factors Impinging Farmers’ Use of Agriculture Technology

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Abstract: Agriculture is now one of the most important sectors in the Malaysian economy. In order to further develop this  sector, technology has become one of the main components. Typically, dealing with the agriculture sector can  entail difficulties relating to a number of factors. Consequently, to overcome such problems, farmers are being  encouraged to adopt technology that suits their farm. This paper aims to explain technology usage among  farmers, and the benefits that can be gained from this technology.

Moreover, the  paper explains the factors  affecting technology usage. Based on the findings, it can be concluded that farmers’ perceptions and levels of  education, as well as extension-workers’ knowledge, the management of the extension program, and the physical  conditions of the area, are all factors that affect technology adoption among farmers. 

In the author points of view, farmers should obtain certain levels of education that  are associated with their  farming activity, and have a willingness to learn new technologies. In addition, well-organized mass media and  responsible bodies can play an important role via advertisement in order to embolden technology adoption  among farmers. Furthermore, extension workers should update their knowledge on the new technology that will  be introduced to farmers. They should also arrange suitable times for training, teach farmers by sequence, and  practice technology adoption together.

 Authors: Farah Adila Abdullah & Bahaman Abu Samah