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Exposing local markets in various districts in Uganda to enable farmers access a wider and more profitable market.

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In Uganda there are markets that open on different days in various districts across the country and farmers bring their produce to these markets with the hope of getting buyers but this is not always the case. They therefore have to take their produce back home and wait for the following week when the market opens and sometimes end up selling them at very low prices to middle-men.

We therefore developed AgroMarketDay, a mobile application that enables farmers to sell their produce directly to buyers. Farmers are now able to access the following;

  1. Market information, which includes market prices and location of various markets across the country. Farmers now do not have to rely on market information boards to access this information.

  2. Genuine farm inputs and tools

  3. Agronomy information

  4. Information on other farmers trading.

All a farmer has to do is simply take a picture of their produce attach a price to it together with their contact details and location and upload it to the platform. This saves farmers the time they would have to spend waiting for buyers at these rotational markets and it enables them to realize maximum profits from their produce.

The application is available for download from Google play store and it can also be accessed through the website at www.agromarketday.com. We are testing the USSD version of the application with farmers in Kolir sub-county in Bukedea district

We recently extended the application to South Africa to enable farmers there to access a wider and more profitable market.