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e-Learning Africa 2017 : Learning in Context

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e-Learning Africa is the largest gathering (conference) of e-Learning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa and it enables participants to interact with multinational and cross-industry participants and partnerships. 

This e-Learning Africa 2017, is the 12th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education & Training and is themed "Learning in Context". This year the conference will be hosted by the Government of the Republic of Mauritius.

The conference will have talks and exhibition from wide range of stakeholders.Governments, manufacturers, service providers and suppliers from a wide range of sectors are among our regular exhibitors, making the eLearning Africa exhibition a magnet for buyers, analysts and investors in Edtech

Conference Details

Dates : September 27-29, 2017

Venue: Port Louis, Republic of Mauritus

Themes :  .

  • The African Context
  • New Methods and Tools for excellence in learning
  • The power of technology: future trends and what they mean for Africa
  • New Partnership and initiatives for sustainable development
  • In search for education for all
  • Overcoming technical problems and ensuring equal access for all
  • Focus on skills: education and labour market needs

Registration details

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Conference Preamble

"In Africa, context is all-important. No-one can afford to ignore it. It is a vital factor in decisions affecting investment, job-creation and development.

Africa is a continent, not a single country - a fact many outsiders forget. It has 54 countries and 5 time zones. Political conditions vary and, although growth rates have been rising across Africa, individual economies differ widely in both their performance and prospects. Whilst urbanisation is taking hold, communities still cling proudly to their rural traditions and most Africans, especially women, are still employed in agriculture. Across the continent, as many as 3,000 different languages are spoken, with 500 in Nigeria alone.

So, in education and training, an understanding of context is essential. As new communication technologies extend the reach of opportunity, it is vital for educators, policy makers, partners and investors to take account of the local context and conditions.

So what are the main contextual and cultural considerations affecting the development of new opportunities through technology supported learning? How can we localise content to maximise opportunity? How should we apply or adapt technology to meet local conditions and needs?

Above all, in Africa that is changing rapidly, how can we maintain and safeguard our connection to tradition and context?" - As published on conference website  

Key facts about the e-Learning Africa Conferences

  • e-Learning Africa is the largest gathering of e-Learning and ICT supported education and training professionals in Africa, enabling participants to develop multinational and cross-industry contacts and partnerships, as well as to enhance their knowledge, expertise and abilities. 
  •  At e-Learning Africa 2016, 1,045 education and training practitioners, experts, researchers, newcomers and providers from 72 countries gathered during the three conference days at Hotel Kempinski, Cairo, Egypt. 41% of the participants came from North Africa, and 40% came from sub-Saharan Africa. 
  • Delegates are high-level policy and decision makers and practitioners from education, business and government - the three key areas driving e-Learning adoption and innovation. 
  • The conference programme includes plenary sessions with world-class experts, smaller presentation and special focus sessions, practical demonstrations and debates on specific topics, as well as various informal networking opportunities in which practitioners share their experiences, ideas, new information and perspectives. The conference is held in English and French
  • An exhibition and demonstration area accompanies the programme, where leading international eLearning manufacturers, suppliers and service providers present their latest products and services. Every year, participants evaluate the exhibition as a critical meeting point for professional interaction within the conference. 
  •  A full-day programme of workshops conducted by leading e-Learning practitioners precedes the event. These small, intensive sessions offer attendees a unique opportunity to fine-tune their skills and acquire new ones.


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