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Digital Green provides agricultural information through locally produced videos

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Digital Green is a non-profit development organization that disseminates agricultural information to rural communities using digital video. The platform partners with local actors (public and private sector as well as civil society organizations) to share knowledge on agricultural practices, livelihoods, health and nutrition, using locally produced videos.

Digital Green uses local social networks to connect farmers and experts, the thrill of appearing on screen motivates farmers, and homophily is exploited to minimize the distance between teacher and learner.

Credits: Digital Green

Digital Green is currently implementing projects in collaboration with over 20 partner organizations across 9 states in India and parts of Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Ghana, Niger and Tanzania.

Since 2008 and as of June 2016, the project has reached over 1 million individuals across 13,000 villages through 4,000 videos, which showcase and demonstrate best practices. Nearly 600,000 of the viewers have adopted one or more of the best practices promoted through these videos.

Source: Digital Green