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CTA supports drone operations in Benin, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda

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The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is informing the community that it has established a supporting centre for drone operations in Benin, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. CTA is partnering with a French Company Airinov in this project.

Drones are also called the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and are used in the management of crops, fisheries, forests and other natural resource-based activities within farming activities. This is possible as drones are equipped with high resolution cameras to facilitate advanced crop research using remote-sensed data . 

Airinov provides technology to enable the mapping of fields and in the project the following services will be offered:-

  • to support tailored experimental field work by offering very precise and reliable statistics based on drone-sensed imagery.
  • flying several times over a season to enable agronomists and researchers to have a dynamic view on their trials and make informed decisions based on reliable data

The table below provides the details on in-country contacts under this project

Country Project Contact
Benin Global Partners Sarl Abdelaziz Lawani, @GBPartners_bj
DRC Initiative Régionale de Documentation et d’Accompagnement Communautaire au Développement (IRDAC)  Barthélemy Boika, @irdac_
Ghana Farmerline Ltd Mr Worlali Senyo, @farmerline 
Ghana Syecomp Business Services Ltd projects@syecomp.com,@Syecomp_ 
Tanzania Agrinfo Company Ltd info@agrinfo.co.tz, @agrinfotz
Tanzania Uhurulabs Ltd Mr Frederick E. Mbuya,@uhurulab
Uganda ESIPPS International Ltd Dr Jane Bemigisha,@esipps


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