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Call for case studies on e-agriculture strategies, policies or plans

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FAO and ITU, in collaboration with CTA and several other stakeholders are currently developing a guide to support countries in developing their national e-agriculture strategies to mainstream the use of ICTs in agriculture. The guide is composed of three parts:

Part 1: A national e-agriculture vision that responds to agricultural and development goals.

Part 2: A national e-agriculture action plan that reflects country priorities.

Part 3: A plan to monitor implementation and manage associated risks.

You can find more information on the development of the guide on the e-agriculture strategies thematic page.

In order to make sure all important components are part of the guide and to take stock  of existing experiences, the e-Agriculture Community of Practice launches a call to its members to send us case studies based on your experiences with e-agriculture strategies, policies or plans.

If you are interested to share your experience with the team developing the guide please send us the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • Country
  • Short description of your experience
  • Lessons learned from the experience (What worked well? What did not work well?)
  • Recommendations for the team developing the e-agriculture strategy guide.
  • Links to more information (if available). 

You can send your contributions to info@e-agriculture.org Please contact us at the same address if you have any questions. We are looking forward to read about your experiences ! 


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