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3-2-1 Service by Human Network International provides trusted information through mobile phones to rural people

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One of the main problems of farmers and people living in rural areas in the developing world is the lack of access to information on health and efficient farming practices. Other media such as Radio and TV, don't have the same reach of mobile phones, which are very widespread in the developing world.

Photo Credits: Human Network International (HNI)

Human Network International (HNI) created the 3-2-1 Service, a service which provides access to a range of information on their mobile phones by voice message in local languages, with no internet required. The information provided includes Health, Gender, Agriculture, Microfinance, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Land Tenure, Family Planning, Weather Emergency Preparedness and First Aid.

3-2-1 service users can dial the toll-free number, 3-2-1, anytime, anywhere. They are greeted by a welcome message in their local language. The voice prompts them through the menu of topics until they find the trusted information they need. The content of the messages is created by experts on health and nutrition and is validated by government officials. HNI also has to partner with local mobile network operators to agree to provide the 3-2-1 service free of charge.

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