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‘Effective Market Access with ICTs’: EMRC AgriBusiness Forum

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IICD: The 2013 edition of the EMRC AgriBusiness Forum saw the participation of IICD in the session on ‘access to markets: information systems and communication technology’. The workshop, which took place in Rwanda on October 7, was part of this four-day pan-African Forum aimed at “strengthening the Agri-Food sector in Africa, by encouraging partnerships, exchanging best practices and attracting investments.

Invited by IFDC in Rwanda -a public international organisation focused on increasing productivity across the agricultural value chain in developing countries-, IICD’s country manager in Ethiopia, Olaf Erz, highlighted some of the key success factors for market access through ICTs. “You ought to link target groups, beneficiaries and technology to provide affordable and SMART information and knowledge in a sustainable manner within the agricultural sector.”
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