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Posting a blog

In order to post a blog on the website, you need to be a registered blogger on e-Agriculture.

You will have to log-in in order to be able to post a blog.

After logging in, to post a blog :

  • Choose Add Content (top bar menu)
  • Select "Blog entry" 
  • Insert a title
  • Add the text in the Body
  • Add relevant taxonomies (to help users to find your article in the future)
    • Select as appropriate under 'Topic'
    • Select as appropiate under 'Partners
  • Click Save (if you close the window without saving, you will lose your work)

Once you are done, the e-Agriculture team will receive a notification of your submission and review the article before publishing it. Once reviewed you will see your contribution online. 

So if you do not see your article online immediately after writing it – this is normal. It will be soon :) 



OTT Hydromet ADCON's picture

Is your agriculture influenced by plant diseases? Learn in this free to attend Live Webinar more about plant protection and the main benefits of smart agriculture metrology.

DATE: June 27, 2017 | TIME: 15:00 (GMT)

This webinar is free for all to attend. Once registered, you'll receive an email notification confirming your attendance for the live webinar. For those who can't attend the live webinar, the recording will be available to all those who register below:

Click here to register

About the webinar:

Smart agriculture metrology can play a major role in the control of plant diseases. Hence, better management of environmental and plant parameters is a key contributor to plants’ protection and most efficient use of chemicals.
At this engaging 30 minutes webinar the farming economist Peter Raatjes will talk about the general issues with plant diseases, show several strategies of plant protection and offer practical in-the-field tips with a focus on smart agriculture metrology.

Presenter: Peter Raatjes
Agronomic Specialist – Sales & BDM, ADCON Telemetry
Since 1992 during his studies in Groningen in arable farming and farming economics, Peter deals with efficient farming and the use of metrology. With 25 years of experience in topics like plant protection, precision farming, irrigation management and many more, he is a real expert! Join the webinar and get the chance to ask him questions.