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e-Agriculture Update: Invitation to the upcoming e-Agriculture webinar on "Farmer-centered design"

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Dear e-Agriculture Member,

The e-Agriculture Team cordially invites you to participate in our next webinar on "Farmer-centered design - recommendations for e-agriculture practitioners"

Details of the Webinar

Title Farmer-centered design - recommendations for e-agriculture practitioners
When: Friday 28th of July - 9 AM EST - 10 AM EDT - 4 PM CEST
More information: http://www.e-agriculture.org/news/upcoming-e-agriculture-webinar-farmer-centered-design-recommendations-e-agriculture
Participation Anyone interested can participate - to register click here: https://goo.gl/forms/yuAarTQDnDPI9ueH2

About this webinar

Human-centered design or user-centered design is at the core of the Principles for Digital Development: guidelines to help development practitioners to integrate best practices into technology enabled programs. The concept of user- or farmer-centered design has been around for more than a decade but still raises a lot of questions.

Far too often, an application is designed far away from its beneficiaries or users and does not correspond to their needs. Why does farmer-centered design remain a challenge? How can it be applied better? These are a few of the questions that will be answered by our guest experts during the next e-Agriculture webinar.

This webinar will be moderated by Judy Payne, USAID's former Digital Solutions Advisor for Agriculture and Esi Sekyiamah, former Project Director in Ghana of the USAID ICT Extension Challenge project, Nathalie Collins and Adam Reineck from IDEO.org will share their experience with farmer-centered design in the field. 

More information here  - To register click here

Ongoing e-Forum discussion on the Agriculture Open Data Package - AgPack.info

We also take this opportunity to let you know that the e-forum discussion on AgPack is still open for your participation and comments. The Agricultural Open Data Package (AgPack) is a resource for governments to support them in developing their own open data for agriculture strategies. 

Through this e-forum we are collecting information base on your insights and experience that can be usefull for improving the AgPack. Come and join us and explore the three sections of the discussion. 

  • What do you consider as the key data sets for agriculture?
  • Why do you or others need them?
  • What are your examples of governments putting open data into action to enforce their agricultural sector?
  • What were the hurdles that they had to overcome to realize this strategy?


To participate in any forums on e-Agriculture, you will need to be a registered member of the e-Agriculture Community and log in to your account and go to the forum page

For more information contact us at info@e-agriculture.org 

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