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e-Agriculture Update: Forum discussions

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Dear e-Agriculture CoP member,

This update provides you with the on-going discussions happening on the e-Agriculture platform and you are invited to join any of these discussions.

Ongoing: e-Forum discussion on ICTs and Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition


What is your opinion about ICTs and Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition? Do you think agriculture can be data driven? In this discussion, we would like to get your views on open data in agriculture and nutrition. You are cordially invited to participate in this debate. You can find the 3 questions below. 

Three discussion questions are listed below, remember to log in first to comment.

  • Question 3: What investments are needed to reap open data benefits and what precautions are needed to prevent damage(s) to vulnerable farmers from opening data for agriculture and nutrition?
  • Question 2: What is the potential for open data in agriculture and nutrition? Does open data benefit and damage farmers, especially smallholder family farmers, women and the youth in developing countries? What case studies demonstrates the benefits and/or damages of the use of ICTs and Open Data?
  • Question 1: What role can ICTs play in using Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition for farmers, especially small holder family farmers, rural women and youth engaged in agricultural livelihoods?

Upcoming: e-Forum discussion on the Agricultural Open Data Package – AgPack

The Agriculture Open Data Package (AgPack) is a resource designed for governments to take steps in publishing open data they have generated or collected. The AgPack is still in its beta version, and the purpose of this discussion is to reach out to policy-makers, researchers, open data experts, and agriculture experts to get their feedback on the AgPack and its usability. The AgPack can be read here. Provide feedback by joining this discussion.

When: 10 to 24 July 2017
Register here: http://www.e-agriculture.org/user/register 
For more information: http://www.e-agriculture.org/news/e-forum-discussion-agriculture-open-data-package-agpackinfo 

Upcoming: e-Agriculture webinar presenting the Agricultural Open Data Package

In order to launch the AgPack forum discussion and to give users an over view of it, before the discussion two webinars will be available for participants to learn more about the AgPack. AgPack will be presented by Andre Jellema from Data Impact who will also moderate the AgPack e-Forum discussion.

When: 10th of July at 10 AM CEST and 4PM CEST
Register here: https://goo.gl/forms/cpioTJy0hpTjEUEF3 
For more information: http://www.e-agriculture.org/news/e-agriculture-webinar-agricultural-open-data-package 


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