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Technology Innovations Forum ­and Challenge - Creating a More Sustainable and Responsible Seafood Industry in Asia -- Registration Now Open

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Submitted by Jill S. on Thu, 04/12/2014 - 10:40
[Calendar of Events]
22/01/2015 to 23/01/2015
We are very excited to hold the first ever Technology Innovations Forum – Creating a More Sustainable and Responsible Seafood Industry in Asia in Bangkok, Thailand on January 22 and 23 2015.
Attendees from all over Asia and with an interest in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in Asia are welcome. This is a new opportunity, bringing attention to the role and potential of innovation and new technologies in improving the fishing and aquaculture industries and bringing different sectors together in provocative dialogue to discuss and debate tools and solutions that can mean new ways to ensure the future sustainability of these important industries and protect livelihoods in the region. The forum will held following the next FIP Protocol and Shrimp Steering Committees and hope some of you can make it the forum. 

Forum space is limited to 70 attendees and participant and attendant diversity is a priority. Registration is now open and is accessible here. Check out the tentative agenda.

Forum Highlights
  • Innovation Showcase: Do you want to showcase your innovative solution, tool or technology? The Forum will include an Innovation Showcase featuring entrepreneurs, organizations and companies developing and implementing innovative technology and business solutions to address sustainable fisheries and aquaculture challenges in Asia. 
  • Challenge Award: The Forum will accept and evaluate applications for entities using innovative technology solutions to address sustainable fisheries and aquaculture sector challenges in Asia. Finalists will be recognized at the Forum with chance to receive $10,000 in award funding.   Full details on the award and how to apply can be found here. Applications are due by December 15, 2014. 
Please feel free to forward the Forum registration and Challenge to local partners in Indonesia.  If you are interested in presenting, displaying at the innovation showcase, or want to explore partnership opportunities, please email me or Jill Shemin the Forum's Technology Innovations consultant, at seafoodforumchallenge@nathaninc.com
We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in January.
The forum is hosted USAID Regional Development Mission for Asia, together with the USAID Maximizing Agricultural Revenue through Knowledge, Enterprise Development and Trade project in Bangkok, Thailand in conjunction with USAID’s Mobile Solutions for Development Forum.