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Information and Communications Technologies Innovation for Development Online Course

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03/11/2016 to 02/03/2017

The long-term online training course “Information and Communications Technologies Innovation for Development” will bring together 20-25 participants from across the world to learn, network, engage in critical discussion and critically reflect around the theme of ICT for Development.

The course programme and methodology will feature issue-experts, working groups, assignments, theoretical readings, practical simulations and creative moments that will help participants develop their competencies. The course is designed through ‘blended learning approach’ through the following educational elements:

  • Thematic and theoretical inputs by module lecturers and/r guest speakers;
  • Practical work through fieldwork demonstration and simulations, and use of various tools, platforms, methods and technologies;
  • Module assignments which should be completed by the end of the module, as a moment and space for participants to pass through ‘experiential learning’ process;
  • Encouragement and facilitation of peer to peer learning among the participants, as well as dialogical learning with the module lecturer and/or guest speaker, and course coordinator.
  • Conceptualization, development and public presentation of the Final Project, where participants can put their knowledge and skills in action and win the chance for seed-funding – up to 2.000 euro.

The course is organized completely online, based on online educational methodologies developed by ONG 2.0, featuring live webinars (audio-video) and interactive web training (weblab). These methodologies have great advantages—except allowing participants to explore and practice the potential of digital technologies for meeting and learning in distance, it results also with immense economical advantages comparing to analogue courses (that requires physical presence in the class) and thus, enabling the opportunity for anyone, from across the world, to participate in the courses.

There are 20 scolarships available that cover all the costs! Apply for scholarship by October 9.

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