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CODIST SESSION II: "Innovation for Africa’s industrial development"

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01/05/2011 to 04/05/2011
Addis Ababa

Official Site: CODIST II

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) is organizing the second session of the Committee on Development Information, Science and Technology (CODIST- II) from 2 to 5 may 2011 at the United Nations Conference Centre Addis Ababa, (UNCC-AA) Ethiopia, with the objective of assisting member States to develop and implement policies and strategies in ICT, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI), Geo-Information as well as Libraries and Information Services.
The main theme of CODIST II is "Innovation for Africa’s industrial development"
This second session of CODIST will explore the extent to which African countries have harnessed innovation to enhance industrial development, application of new technologies to production, increasing and diversifying exports and move the region from its continued dependence on low value-added and unstable primary products.
The meeting will examine in detail:

  • Innovation strategies and industrial development plans
  • Enabling environment, innovation and industrial development
  • S&T and R&D for industrial development: national and institutional lessons and experiences
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) innovation and industrial development (ICT innovations and industrial sector development opportunities and challenges)
  • GIS innovations and industrial development in Africa (leveraging the potential of geospatial science and technology, data, products, resources and applications for achieving the continent's goals in economic transformation and sustainable and accelerated industrial development; and
  • Knowledge, innovation and industrial development (the role of information and knowledge management as a facilitator of innovation and industrial development in Africa)

Who should attend & Additional Information: http://www.uneca.org/codist/codist2/aboutcodist.asp