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The 2008 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS 2008)

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19/05/2008 to 22/05/2008
Irvine, California, USA

Special Session on Collaborative Networking for Agriculture and Applications.


A Special Session on Collaborative Networking for Agriculture is being organized under the 2008 Collaborative Technologies and Systems Symposium (CTS'08) to be held May 19-23, 2008, at Hyatt Regency, Irvine California, USA. This special session is proposed to bring together people from industry, government and academia who are working to innovate, develop and use networking and IT infrastructure for the purpose of collaborative work in the field of agriculture and applications. Some of the recent examples of collaborative work in agriculture via networking include AIN (Agricultural Information Network) in Thailand that connects agricultural information databases to the agricultural development banking system to help in automating and making informed timely decisions.


In the Czech Republic, the farmers were given computers and a network was created through which the farmers were able to plan their crops efficiently and support various processes. In Pakistan, the Agrikiosk project was developed for the purpose of providing vital information to the farmers about weather changes and watering schedules. Work is in progress to design and test portable mobile collaborative networks based on cell phones and other PDAs to disseminate information to the farmers and vice versa.


This special session looks at all hardware, software and applications issues that are involved in providing a reliable, robust and ubiquitous networking infrastructure to build collaborative tools and services for agriculture and related fields including the state of the art as well as experimental results and posters about ongoing works in this direction.

Topics of Interest include:

• Intelligent Interfaces/ Interface Design Constraints for Implementing the ICT for rural
• Applications of Wireless and Sensor Networks in Agriculture
• Trusted and Secure Agri-Collaboration
• Real Time Collaborative Systems for Agricultural Applications
• Use of Mobile and Pervasive Devices in Agriculture
• Web based Collaborative Applications for Agriculture
• Agriculture Data Mining and Warehousing
• Multimedia Applications for Agriculture
• Digital Elevation Models for Agriculture and Crop Yield
• Weather Forecasting & Modeling
• Remote Sensing
• Geographic Information System/ Geographical Positioning Systems Applications for Agriculture
• Geospatial Applications for Fruits and Vegetables
• Information Technology (IT) Data Management
• Weather Networks
• Automation, Robotics and Auto-Guidance for Fruit and Vegetable Production
• Soil and Plant Sensors
• Tracking, Traceability, and Food Security