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Webinar: Interactive Radio

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This webinar occurred on Tuesday, February 12th at 9am EST (14.00 GMT, 17.00 EAT). It was hosted by USAID’s FACET project and explored how agriculture development projects can use mobile and other technologies to enhance the impact of radio programming targeting rural farmers.

This webinar will provide participants with an overview of some of the ways that interactive radio is currently being used with farmers to enhance the impact of agricultural development projects. It will include an introduction to the recently released Interactive Radio for Agricultural Development Projects: A Toolkit for Practitioners, which was developed by FHI 360 for USAID and a look into how these technologies and others are currently being used in the field by UNESCO and Farm Radio International, both of which has done extensive work in this field in sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere. Through the Empowering Local Radios with ICTs project, UNESCO is building the capacity of 32 radio stations in 7 African countries on the issue of ICTs to enhance programming. Farm Radio International has also worked extensively in this space, and was the author of a study under the the African Farm Radio Research Initiative entitled: The New Age of Radio: How ICTs are changing rural radio in Africa.

  Watch a recording of the webinar at http://ictforag.adobeconnect.com/p540hqtw7yg/


9:00      Overview
9:05      Introduction to Interactive Radio toolkit
9:20      Empowering Local Radios with ICTs project overview
9:35      Perspectives from the field by Farm Radio International
9:50      Conclusion
10:00    Q&A
10:30     End

Presenters include

Josh Woodard, Project Manager at FHI 360, who will speak about the Interactive Radio for Agricultural Development Projects toolkit that he authored as part of the FACET project, along with other work that FACET is doing to support projects interested in using interactive radio.

Jonathas Mello works in UNESCO in the section of Media and Society. His main interests are communication and ICTs for development; knowledge creation and sharing; and community media as a way of citizenship engagement.

David Mowbray, Training Manager at Farm Radio International, who will speak about Farm Radio International’s experience with developing interactive radio programming in the field. Prior to joining Farm Radio International, he was a senior manager at the BBC, and has worked in radio and television worked as a producer, presenter, and documentary filmmaker for many years.