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SAVE Toolkit: Technologies for monitoring in insecure environments

Alice Van der Elstraeten's picture

This toolkit is part of the Secure Access in Volatile Environments (SAVE) research programme. The programme explores how to deliver humanitarian aid in some of the most challenging conflict environments. Based on three years of field work in four countries – Afghanistan, South Central Somalia, South Sudan and Syria – it is the first major effort to answer some of the aid world’s most critical questions about how much aid is getting to war zones and how much that aid is helping.

A lot of humanitarians use technology to monitor and evaluate in insecure environments but there is a lack of clearly documented and user-friendly guidance on the different options to do so. The Toolkit - Technologies for monitoring in insecure environments was developed to adress this gap in available resources based on lessons learned from existing experiences. 

The toolkit focusses on six technologies

  1. Using mobile phones for monitoring and getting feedback
  2. Digital data entry with tablets or smartphones
  3. Remote sensing and aerial imagery with satelites and UAVs
  4. Location tracking
  5. Complementing feedback mechanisms with radio programmes
  6. Communications with online platforms