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Rural India : The Next Frontier for Social Media Networks (2013)

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This paper establishes the relationship between the rural development in India and the social media networks. The area of rural development in India is as multi- faceted as the country itself and by and large media has affected almost every aspect of rural development. The paper extends the definition of social media networks from just being the social networking sites and micro blogging to other media networks like AIR, news channels and NGOs. Differentiation of modern day media and traditional media has been discussed very closely. The methodology of data collection is based upon the interviews of different people attached to the relevant fields. Various success stories were collected and analyzed. The paper aims to discuss various fields where social media has affected rural people’s lives and also of the fields where media has been lacking in its role. This paper concludes that to achieve India Vision 2020, social media networks have to gear up more in rural areas of the country because India cannot shine without its villages shining as well.