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Plantix, a plant disease diagnostic and monitoring app

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Plantix is a plant diagnostic app developed by PEAT, a startup which uses geodata and crowdsourcing to provide ecological informations to farmers and anybody with an agricultural or ecological interest.

The app provides users worldwide with customized information concerning best practices, information on preventive measures and independent options for action. Plantix offers the possibility to send pictures of affected plants directly via smartphone and guides through an identification process to determine the plant disease in a very simple manner. All pictures sent via the app are tagged with coordinates.

The resulting metadata provides valuable insights into the spatial distribution of cultivated crops and most significant plant diseases e.g. in form of high resolution maps. Furthermore Plantix aims to get a deeper understanding of the relations between plant diseases and geofactors by the intersection of the gathered information.

Institutions and policy makers may be supplied with this regionalized real time geodata addressing the spread of diseases and prognosis of crop shortfalls, allowing for fast and targeted policy intervention. Additionally, the app can be used as an innovative solution for direct communication with small farmers through Push-Messages.

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