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Launch of the e-Agriculture 10 Year Review Report

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The e-Agriculture team is happy to share with you the "e-Agriculture 10 Year Review Report - Implementation of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Action Line C7. ICT Applications: e-agriculture. 

The WSIS+10 e-agriculture Action Line review report, and the realizations of the e-Agriculture Community of Practice over the past 10 years, are a joint effort of FAO and partner organizations in the agricultural sector. This report is a comprehensive resource on the topic of ICTs in agriculture and rural development, not only covering achievements but also bringing together a large number of practical examples that have proven their effectiveness. But above all, this report enables us to look back, reflect of what has been done, learn lessons, identify challenges and upcoming trends as well as plan the use of ICTs into our future work in a more effective, sustainable and innovative way.

You will find the following chapters in the report:

  1. Introduction 1

  2. Review 1

    1. 2.1  Action line objectives 1

    2. 2.2  Most important achievements of the e-Agriculture Community 3

    3. 2.3  Year reviews 6

  3. Achievements with a thematic and geographical focus 20

    1. 3.1  Agricultural value chains 20

    2. 3.2  Risk management 22

    3. 3.3  Market and price information 26

    4. 3.4  Agricultural advisory services 28

    5. 3.5  E-agriculture policies 29

    6. 3.6  Capacity development 29

    7. 3.7  Participatory communications 30

    8. 3.8  Information management and knowledge exchange for agricultural

      innovations systems 32

    9. 3.9  Knowledge sharing and good practices in online community management 34

  4. Recent developments and emerging trends 35

  5. Current and future challenges 37

  6. Recommendations 39

  1. Conclusions 41

  2. Annexes 43