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Interactive Radio for Agricultural Development Projects: A Toolkit for Practitioners

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This toolkit is designed to help USAID projects and other implementing organizations use interactive radio to augment the traditional agricultural extension services they are providing. In addition, it aims to provide practitioners with a foundational understanding of what is needed to create compelling radio programming. It is important to stress that this toolkit does not assume that radio is the most appropriate solution for disseminating agricultural information. Rather, given the fact that radio continues to be the most readily accessible communication tool in much of sub-Saharan Africa, this toolkit aims to enable practitioners to develop a more systematic approach to using interactive radio as one medium through which they share information with farmers.

The toolkit will primarily appeal to practitioners who are planning to work through established radio stations or disseminate audio recordings independently of radio (i.e. MP3 players or mobile phones). It is not intended to be a guide to establishing a radio station from scratch, although you will likely still find much of the content relevant even if that is your main objective.