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Integrating Low-cost Video into Agricultural Development Projects: A Toolkit for Practitioners

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This toolkit is designed to help agricultural development projects and organizations use low-cost video to augment the traditional agricultural extension services they are providing. It is important to stress that this toolkit does not assume that video media is the most appropriate solution for disseminating agricultural information. Rather, given its growing accessibility due to the increasing availability of low-cost digital video cameras and editing software — and the increasing use of video media in donor-funded agricultural development projects — this toolkit aims to enable practitioners to develop a more systematic approach to using low-cost video as one of the mediums through which they share information with farmers.
Using low-cost videos within your agricultural development project can be an effective way for increasing the scale of your activities by leveraging the expertise of local experts and farmers for a broader audience. Since the videos may be created in the field by your staff, the cost will be lower than professionally produced videos, and the turnaround time from concept to final product will likely be much faster. Given the cost and time benefits, you will also likely be able to create many more videos than you would be able to do otherwise. Also, if you find that one of your videos is not having the desired impact, it is much less expensive to create a newer, more effective video than it would be using a professional videographer. Last, producing videos with local stakeholders will likely increase local ownership of content, empower local farmers by giving them a voice, and increase local exposure to ICT tools. Of course, it takes more than just providing hardware to achieve any of these things. By the time you have finished using this toolkit you will not only be able to create low-cost videos, you will be able to incorporate a structured and effective low-cost video activity into your agricultural development project.