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Information Communication technology (ICT) and value chain: implications for growth in agribusiness

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The concept of agribusiness network is primarily based on the use of an ICT model or system to provide access to information at reasonable cost to farmers. The use of ICT allow a rapid flow of information between buyers and producers, which reduces misunderstandings and therefore improves the communication between actors involved in the value chain, from farmers to producers. 

This is a study made by A.Henri-Ukoha, from the Department of Agricultural Economics, Federal University of Technology, Owerri, Nigeria. It explains importance of ICT and its implications for the growth of agribusiness and improvement of communication flows within value chains. By presenting case studies of the areas where the use of ICT and value chain were employed for agricultural development, this paper contributes to the existing gap between research and farmers who are involved in production and marketing of produce.
The case studies show that incorporating ICT and supply chain is beneficial for agribusiness, but that policies should be targeted at creating the awareness for agribusinesses to use ICT and supply chain in their activities.