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ICT Update Issue no. 78 - Building resilience for family farming

Isabella Rodriguez y Baena's picture

The new issue of ICT Update, no. 78 "Building resilience for family farming", has just been published. In this issue, which lies within the framework of the International Year of Family Farming (IYFF), the authors analyze the impact that ICTs have on family farmers' lives.

"ICTs are helping millions of smallholder family farmers in developing countries gain better access to information, tools and technology that can transform their livelihoods. Indeed, ICTs help family farmers sell and market their produce, boost their ability to cope with dwindling access to water, land and soil nutrients, and deal with the extreme climate events, pests and diseases that affect their crops. If more of these ICT solutions are tailored to the needs of smallholder family farmers and put within their reach – especially the women farmers who form the bulk of this group – then their agriculture can rapidly move from being a subsistence activity to a successful and sustainable business".



 Download ICT Update, no. 78 "Building resilience for family farmers"