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ICT Update 80 - More than Mobile

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Read CTA's latest ICT UPDATE - More than Mobile

The guest article shows the power of the mobile revolution and its implications for agricultural development in ACP and beyond. But the conclusion is that, to be able to have the desired impact, it is more than mobile.

Four articles showcase the importance of the various ICT channels (audio, video, animation & web) by which we can reach our users with agricultural knowledge and information. This emphasizes CTA’s strategy of taking a comprehensive approach to ICTs for agriculture.

Five articles explore the current delivery models (the private sector, the public sector, NGOs, academic institutions and farmers themselves) of ICT4Ag services (who is providing the service and how they do it).

Finally, we have a Q&A which advises the various models on how to ensure sustainability of ICT4Ag enabled services.

You can read ICT UPDATE online through the following links:



Or you can download the full PDF in English here.