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Hitch lets users access online content without being online

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HITCH is a Smart Wireless Mesh Router & Predictive Content Caching Software Platform, that pre-downloads relevant online content once, so many users can access the same information quickly without an Internet connection.

Globally, over 4 billion people don’t have sustainable (available, affordable, & accessible) broadband. Most of these users are un/underserved by existing coverage and service infrastructure; and live in rural and urban emerging markets. Thus, are denied the ability to benefit from real technology-driven economic growth. Broadband is important because low digital and conventional literacy in these markets, means video (especially in local languages/dialects) presents an enhanced medium for information, knowledge, and power. For these users, the prevalent notion of “trickle-down broadband” is a death knell; as ROI of current options struggles to present a reliable pathway to sustainable broadband delivery.

Flexfinity has developed HITCH – an enhanced smart wireless mesh router that enables communities automatically build, operate, and sustain self-contained Internet platforms; accelerating sustainable broadband in emerging markets. HITCH is a smart hardware product (a WiFi router – with embedded storage, processing, and solar/battery capacity) AND software service (proprietary algorithms running on each router), that (connecting to other HITCH routers) forms local decentralized cloud platforms for storing, sharing, and updating Internet Content, Services, and Applications. Each user’s smart router automatically interconnects with neighboring users’ routers to form wireless community networks. These community broadband platforms enable connections from users with any WiFi-enabled device; to access videos, talk/chat with each other, or use other relevant apps, with or without Internet connectivity.

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